Join the Magnum Photos CNN War Fashion Photographer Workshop and this could be you!
Magnum Branding Inc™ and the former news service known as CNN are proud to announce their first War Fashion Photographer Workshop. This two week intensive course is designed to equip you with all the core skills required to become a top fashion photographer, or failing that, an award winning photojournalist.

Although fashion and war photography are often thought of as worlds apart this workshop will show the two are in fact closely linked: and when fashion and war photography come together the results can be very cool. In the past many photographers have been reluctant to move from the security of frontline embeds to the chaos of the catwalk because of the dangers associated with the fashion world. But figures show that relatively few photographers are killed or injured on fashion assignments, and the skills you learn with us will help you safely sashay your way to success.

Course leader is CNN Professor of War and Fashion Moni Basu. She will be assisted by Simon Barnett, author of the forthcoming Anyone Here Been Raped And Got A New Collection Coming Out? Special guidance on ethics and morality in times of war and fashion will be provided by John Galliano.

The workshop will be split into two parts. In the first week you will work independently in Afghanistan*. Working alone and blagging food and accommodation from foreign NGOs – although with a makeup assistant on call – will provide a basic grounding in the skills required before moving to the second stage. In week two you will be thrown into the fashion frontline and embedded with the Gramsci House of Couture before and during a major international fashion show.

Workshop graduates will receive a Magnum/CNN Conflict Fashion Pro Certificate™ – worth $100 at any Leica store – a CNN iReporter badge and a souvenir conflict photographer doll.

Subjects covered by the workshop will include:

  • Hostile environment training for the fashion world
  • How to air kiss privates on parade without embarrassment
  • Improvised explosive devices: how to spot them on the catwalk
  • Beauty lighting for firefights
  • Suicide bomber jacket or cutting edge fashion: how to tell the difference
  • Makeup: when to use for beauty and when for camouflage
  • Fashion flak: next season’s colours for protective clothing
  • What your scarf says about you
  • Red dot or not: why the Leica remains the conflicted fashion photographer’s jewelry of choice

Demand for this workshop is sure to be high so a vetting procedure will be in place. All applicants must have completed at least one tour of duty at a recognised international fashion show. Applications by email only to or

* Subject to availability, scheduled troop withdrawals and developments in US foreign policy. This section may relocate to Iran: please ensure you have all the necessary visas.

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6 Responses to “Magnum Photos CNN War Fashion Photographer Workshop”

  1. Dave Wyatt Dave Wyatt says:

    I’d missed the CNN article till you posted this. Wow. Just wow. That might be one of the crappiest things I’ve seen in a long while…

  2. Brian Harris Brian Harris says:

    Jeremy, I thought you had lost it for a moment, i really didn’t believe a word, didn’t think it had come to this…..when does irony become reality….Capa, Rogers HCB must be spinning in their graves…..

  3. GS GS says:

    It’s shocking the way things are being trivialised and dumbed down. In recent months the last decent news show on British TV – Channel 4 News – has had the presenters cracking jokes and engaging in “funny” stunts and this week news thast a DJ will be performing in the House of Commons for the first time. Nothing is allowed to be intelligent and just serious anymore.

  4. That’s demented. I would love to be named “Professor of War and Fashion” what an awesome title. The whole thing does raise the question, though, of the relationship between style and content. And do we absorb the content better or worse if the style has impact? Does this mean that a high school yearbook can be considered a catalog of commodities like a mail order catalog? Both are proposing to show a range of things, photographed in a way that hopes to show off the thing to best advantage. Are they in fact projects of comparable types? Are they in some sense the same thing? Hmmm. Letting the semantics of imagery run wild is silly.

  5. Joe Fox Joe Fox says:

    Ive read it through twice now and I still dont believe it.

    Although saying that, you perhaps have a point. Ive often considered that here in Belfast you can distinguish between the committed full time paramilitaries (they own a proper balaclava) with the half hearted amateur day job rioters who just cut holes out of old football socks.
    Ive never understood when you have to ditch the ghillie suit for the mottled white goretex. Is it as soon as the snow falls or do you have to leave it a week?

    Would you consider running the course closer to home? All you need for a successful two weeks in Belfast is a few flags…

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  7. Ottmar Ottmar says:

    Is it already April 1st??

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