About The Russian Photos Blog

Bust of Vladimir Lenin with cameras
Photo © Jeremy Nicholl
The Russian Photos Blog is written, photographed and thrown together by Jeremy Nicholl. I’ve been specialising in photography of the former Soviet Union for a wide range of clients for about twenty years; before that I worked mostly in the UK for the British national press, in particular the Sunday Times and the Independent.

The blog is updated regularly, usually on Mondays, but sometimes more often depending on other commitments and whatever catches my eye. Expect news on existing stories and new projects, mixed with rambling observations on photography, journalism, Russia, the UK and the world at large.

Opinions expressed are my own, may follow no apparent logic, and are subject to change or even reversal at any time. Feel free to get in touch: comments are welcome and encouraged. Unless you’re a spambot, in which case we’ll set the dog on you.

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