Sep 202010

If you only read one thing today make it Peter Turnley’s superb two-part essay on master printer Voja Mitrovic at the Online Photographer. Anyone who has ever worked in a darkroom will appreciate the skill and sheer physical endurance that enabled Mitrovic to produce “like a machine” repeated identical prints from the negatives of Cartier-Bresson, Koudelka and many others.

Skills such as Mitrovic’s are rapidly disappearing, and this story of the Yugoslav immigrant who arrived in Paris with only $100 to become the printer of choice of many of the world’s greatest photographers is not to be missed.

After that wander over to [the weird stuff directory] and marvel at how the art of the print has developed through digital technology as you view the work of the “best HDR photographer on the planet”. Health warning: dark glasses required, prolonged viewing may cause acid flashbacks.

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